Closing Event: Akademickie Dni Retoryki.
Students' Research Teams presentation, conference and workshop (E4)

The closing event of the project took place in Warsaw on 13-14 October 2022. First day was devoted to presenting all the outputs to a wide academic and non-academic audience. During the conference, which took place in the beautiful setting of Pałac Kazimierzowski, each output was presented by output leaders and discussed with our colleagues from different universities. Presentations which followed shed a broader light on the results of the project and their appliance by various stakeholders. Next day was more student-centered, but the events were also open to a wider audience. A workshop with board games (accompanied by coffee and snacks :-) ) was followed by and open lecture and a meeting.

You can see more photos from the events and the programmes here.

Rhetorical Research and Didactics (E3)

The RHEFINE Conference took place on the 24th and 25th of February 2022 at The Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences of the Zagreb University and online.

The conference hosted scholars from different European countries that seemed to have a similar goal: to evaluate and improve rhetorical research and didactics, which is in line with the RHEFINE team's goal.

Above all, it was an opportunity to present the projects outputs to a wider audience. Most attention has been given to Rhetorical Research and Didactics, a book coordinated by the Croatian team: Diana Tomić, Elenmari Pletikos Olof and Jelena Vlašić Duić. Ewa Modrzejewska, Agnieszka Szurek and Kinga Rogowska presented the outputs led the Polish team, and during the online session the members of the Bulgarian team - Ivanka Mavrodieva and Iglika Kassabova - shared their experiences on teaching rhetoric.

You can see the programme and the pictures from the conference here.

Teaching Rhetoric Online (E2)

This event, targeted mainly and students, teachers and would-be-teachers, took place in Bulgaria and was divided into three parts, organized respectively on 11 April, 3 May and 5 May. The total number of participants was 48. The event was an opportunity to present the Online Course in Rhetoric (O2) and Teaching Rhetoric Online (O5) to a wider audience. Students and teachers took part in workshops, seminars and simulation games. The participants presented their own speeches and took part in the activities coordinated by prof. Ivanka Mavrodieva and dr Iglika Kassabova.

You can see more photos from the events and the programmes here.

Rhetoric for Innovative Education (E1)

Our first multiplier event was divided into two parts. Both were held online due to the pandemic and health precautions. The first part, targeted at Polish audience, took place on 18 September 2021, together with the XXV Science Festival. During the workshop "Dyskusja od podstaw - warsztaty z debatowania" the Rhefine team presented - and tested in practice - parts from our O3 output - "The Rhetoric of Debate".

The workshop "Jak się odnaleźć w sytuacji retorycznej" was based on the chapter from the O1 output - "Methods of Rhetorical Criticism. A Handbook" as well as on the activities of one from the Students' Research Teams (O7).

Second part of the event was connected with Erasmus Days. You can see the progamme and the presentations from this event here.