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Teaching Rhetoric Online

T.S. Simeonov ( 2018) diagnosed that there is an "unexplored scientific niche" in the field between pedagogical rhetoric and virtual rhetoric. Our projectteam came to the same conclusions: academic teachers often lack skills essential for effective online teaching. Both academic an high school teachers needed tips on virthual pedagogical rhetoric as well as resources for both online and face-to-face teaching.

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Podacsts and talks

Episode 1: Delivering speeches

Episode 2: Rhetoric in school

Episode 3: Virtual Pedagogical Rhetoric

Episode 4: Virtual Pedagogical Rhetoric Methods

Episode 5: Virtual Pedagogical Rhetoric

Episode 6: Rhetoric, Rhetorical Canons and Rhetorical Analysis

Episode 7: Rhetoric, virtual rhetoric and visual analysis

Episode 8: Rhetorical Features of Podcasts

Episode 9: Rhetoric in University

Episode 10Rhetoric, Policy, Diplomacy, Education

Episode 11Rhetoric, Media, Public Relations, Education

RHEFINE meets Spotify

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Bulgarian online rhetoric resources

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Materials are grouped in four: 

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Rhetorical Question is an Instagram profile dedicated to rhetorical education. Kinga (from the RHEFINE project) and Basia regularly provide a dose of rhetorical knowledge!

Here are some examples of their superb work!

From Inventio

... to actio

Public speaking  and debating 

...in plain language

From history

...to  the present examples and events

O5_Terminy retoryczne-projekt-studencki.pdf

Old terms in new frames

We present a compendium of contemporary interpretations of classical descriptive rhetorical terms.

It was prepared by teams of students of Polish philology (BA) at the University of Warsaw.

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The video lectures in Croatian cover topics such as public speaking anxiety, speeches on special occasions and elements of good delivery. Enjoy!


Strah i trema

Public speaking anxiety


Govorna izvedba (1)

Speech delivery (1)


Govorna izvedba (2)

Speech delivery (2)


Kako vježbati slušanje?

How to practice active listening?


Govori u posebnim prigodama

Speeches on special occassion

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