Output 3

Handbook of Debate

This output has been developed for debate participants, teachers who want to use debate as a tool to develop communication skills and potential judges of debate tournaments. As aresult of the joint work of the three teams, a book was created that can be used in classes at schools and universities, but also in discussion circles and debate associations.

Handbook of debate online

Our book will consist of both theoretical and practical chapters written by researchers leading workshops in debates and students taking part in debates.

Among contributors from Bulgaria, Croatia, and Poland we have experienced academic scholars, Ph.D. Candidates as well as students.  

Judging and assessing debates: a workshop

A workshop on assessing and judging debates, run by Kinga Rogowska, was a part of the Logos-Etos-Patos conference organized in Lublin (4-5 November 2022) by the ArgDiaP society together with the Polish Rhetorical Society (a NGO cooperating with the RHEFINE team). 

It was an opportunity to present RHEFINE's outputs, mainly The Rhetoric of Debate (O3), to a wider academic community. 

It was a great satisfaction for us to share the results of the project with the researchers from various academic centres across Poland. 

O3_Rhetoric of Debate_Erasmus Days 2021
7_Different format, the same subjects Erasmus Days.MOV

Rhetoric of Debate @ Erasmus Days 2021

First drafts and the handbook's idea was presented on the online RHEIFINE event during Erasmus Days (14, October 2021).

Moreover, the Polish-Croatian student research team (O7) gave their presentation on debtating formats and Kialo - an online tool for fostering reasnable, informed dissucions.