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"Rhetorical Research & Didactics" book

The aim of the book is to provide a comprehensive overview of the current research and teaching practices in the field of rhetoric. The working title of the volume is Rhetorical Research and Didactics and our wish is to include enthusiastic scholars who perceive rhetorical skills as tools for professional success in the 21st century.

The book is online

The book "Rhetorical Research and Didactics" (ed. Dina Tomić) has 14 chapters authored and co-authored by scholars from Poland, Bulgaria and Croatia, but also Hungary, Denmark, Belgium etc.

The aim of the output was to cover the gap in rhetorical pedagogy by gathering scholars teaching rhetoric around Europe and to address the research in the field of rhetorical pedagogy. 

The invitation letter with instructions for the authors was distributed via various mailing lists used for communication among Croatian, Polish and Bulgarian rhetoricians. The received papers topics covered vary from the presentations of the development of the rhetorical education in a particular country (Poland and Bulgaria), through some interesting educational practices (Rhetorical Citizenship For A Polarized World or Teaching Speech Without Manuscripts: A Didactical Approach) to delivery in rhetorical history but also in pedagogy.

Another interesting contribution is the rhetorical education of students with special needs, which is a topic rarely addressed. 

Descriptions of Polish and Bulgarian development of rhetorical education is extremely valuable for future plans in both curriculum development, but also necessary teaching material which is covered by other two books developed in the project (O1 on rhetoricalcriticism and O3 on debating). 

The chapters addressing teaching methods will be implemented in the rhetorical courses in all three countries and this will mean continuous dissemination and impact on European rhetorical practice. 

It was planned that the book fills in the gap in post-communist countries, but it is believed that its reach will be greater, since all the texts arein English and cover numerous topics in rhetorical pedagogy, which is a scientific area being constantly mentioned t the rhetorical conferences as the one that needs to be systematically developed.

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Invitation letter

Dear colleague,

We would like to invite you to contribute a chapter to a volume we are preparing within RHEFINE Erasmus+ project. [...]

The project's aim is to reform the academic teaching of rhetoric, but also to create a rhetorical pedagogy network and a knowledge hub which can be applied not only at university level, but also in secondary and lifelong education... READ MORE

Conference Rhetorical Research & Didactictics

Zagreb 23-25 February 2022

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Conference materials: bit.ly/RHEFINE_conference_materials 

Transnational Project Meeting
Conference Rhetorical Research & Didactictics

Zagreb 23-25 February 2022